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Larry Kosten started Take Me Out Tickets out of his lifelong search for great seats. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Larry grew up a fan of college basketball, particularly Memphis State Tigers basketball. If he had convinced his parents that he had completed his homework, he would spend the afternoons after school calling around looking for someone who had an extra ticket for that night’s game, until he found someone who was willing to take him. If he couldn’t make it to the game, he would spend the evening watching the game on television and on the phone with his grandmother, another big Memphis State fan.

One of Larry’s fondest childhood memories was being able to take his grandmother, who had never been able to Larry Kosten - click image for enlargementattend to a Memphis State game in person, to see a game live. It was an experience that she always remembered and one that he’ll never forget.

Over the years, Larry, now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, has never stopped trying to find the best tickets for the big game or concert at the best value he can find. As President and CEO of Take Me Out Tickets, Larry works hard to find the very best tickets for sporting events, concerts, and live theater in the metro-Atlanta area, all over the southeast, and throughout the country.

Larry understands that going to a game or a show is about creating memories that will last a lifetime. He wants to make sure that you have the very best experience possible. That is why Take Me Out Tickets takes such great care on every single order, no matter how large or small, to make sure that you get your tickets without a hitch.

We know that trust is important when it comes to buying event tickets. Because Take Me Out Tickets is licensed by the State of Georgia as a ticket broker, as a customer, you are entitled to some of the best consumer protections in the ticket industry. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee that your tickets will arrive on time and will be genuine.

In addition, Take Me Out Tickets will always be up-front and honest with you with our pricing. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not add hidden fees or surcharges to your order (which can add up to as much as 30% of the ticket price) after you have already committed to buying tickets. The price you see on our website is what you pay (plus sales tax for Georgia residents).

We are also proud to be able to offer you something that we believe is a first in the secondary ticket industry - free shipping on every order, no matter how small or large.

We invite you to experience the Take Me Out Tickets difference today!


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